About Bugu

Bugu is a community based digital asset valuation platform which allows individuals and organizations to evaluate digital asset events. With the Bugu Network, the outcome of events can be accurately discovered through voting and discussions within the community. By utilizing Blockchain technology the results are both verified and transparent.

Bugu is the combination of several concepts in the Blockchain space, including smart contracts, prediction markets, basic attention models, and reserve funds. The core of Bugu is its positive reward model called CIRM. Users are encouraged to make high quality predictions, by being incentivized with the Bugu tokens.

Bugu’s first iteration will be an efficient valuation tool, which provides valuable pricing data. As more and more predictions take place, Bugu will be an increasingly effective marketplace for digital asset valuation.

The Bugu Details

  • Numerous digital assets have been created and being used nowadays. And more are yet to come in the future.

  • However, the current system lacks of effective valuation mechanism and information platform, leading to high price volatility and low transparency.

  • Bugu is created to be the decentralized valuation platform for all future digital assets, leveraging crowd sourced intelligence, incentivized by result-linked rewards and innovative valuation auction to maximize return for community.

  • It will contribute positively to various use cases, such as ICO pricing, future token trading price and any other quantifiable digital assets.

Bugu has a sustainable and rewarding community

Positive incentive system to engage large customer base

All participants will be rewarded (at different amount) for participation.

Deviate from zero-sum mechanism to eliminate gambling nature or punishment on certain participants.

Result-linked reward system to incentivize best effort valuation

Voting vs oracle

Reward Distribution


Monetization of valuation consensus based on its timeliness

First Auction

Second Auction

Bugu reward reserve to develop community

Bonus rewards from Bugu foundation to increase community activeness.

It will also be used to contribute developers beneficial to the platform.

How it works

  • Request Posting
  • Community Voting
  • Valuation Consensus
  • Reward to Community
    • Initiator posts a valuation request on Bugu.
    • He may contribute certain amount of BGT (Bugu Token) to incentivize community participation.
    • Participants make own valuation judgement based on public info, community discussion, etc.
    • They lock in BGT to reflect judgement confidence.
    • Bugu applies its Smart contract to calculate valuation consensus based on individual valuation and BGT locked-in.
    • The output can be auctioned to interested parties.
    • Reward will be given to each participant based on the accuracy to actual oracle.
    • Reward may come from initiator, buyer of valuation consensus and Bugu reserve.


  • Bo Dong

    Co-Founder of MegaCredit, a venture-backed Fintech startup served over two millions users. Previously, Bo was a commodity trader in a global conglomerate and also an active crypto asset trader. Bo holds a Master’s degree from MIT.

  • Li Fu
    Co-Founder & Technology Lead

    Expert of multi-asset wallet. Li has more than 15 years of experience in technology development. Li was an early adopter and KOL of Github (github.com/xtaci). Previously, Li was a serial entrepreneur in mobile games.

  • David Yiling Li
    Co-Founder & Community Lead

    Co-Founder of FourierPR, the China Marketing Partner of Gnosis, BAT, Bancor, Status. David was the overseas manager of Antshares (NEO). He is also a Mandarin-English Simultaneous Interpreter.

  • wenting lei
    UX Designer
  • boqiang lin
    Product manager
  • yang li
    Backend developer
  • Lola Xie
    Chinese community manager
  • Tamar Salant
    International Community Manager
  • BiuBiu


  • Vincent Zhou

    Founding partner of FBG Capital

  • Jehan Chu

    Managing Partner of Kinetic Capital

  • Guy Benartzi

    Founder of Bancor

  • Esteban Ordano

    Technical Lead of Decentraland


    Founder of Bodhi


  • BUGU QQ Group
  • BUGU WeChat Community Manager Lola-xie
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